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In the spring of 2012, we made a trip cross-country in our camper, traveling to Alaska.  We stopped many places along the way, of course, including one stop to visit a couple with whom we have developed a wonderful friendship ... they found one of Robert’s cards and have allowed Robert to travel with them on their motorcycle trips throughout the past year.  It was a wonderful trip visiting some beautiful places in the US and Canada.   Along the way, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Robert’s death.  This is our memory of that day:

“Yesterday we commemorated the 3rd anniversary of losing Bob in Iraq. Our trip has been made in memory of him, and we have felt him with us.

We left photographs in lots of special places and hopefully we will get a lot of e-mails from people who relocated them to their special place.

I insisted that Brian go out and catch some fish (fishing was Bob’s favorite pastime) as I suspected some big trout would be put in his path! Because salmon fishing has been closed temporarily due to low numbers, the Fish and Game folks stocked local ponds with over 30,000 trout and grayling.

Well, he didn't bring home a big trout, but he caught at least 50 fish. Most he released, but he brought home enough to have dinner and they were excellent! While fishing he was closely monitored by this bald eagle (the first spotted during the trip). 

Because we could not take flowers to the Veteran's cemetery in Jacksonville today, we found a Garden of Honor in Wasilla that has a memorial to fallen Alaskan military members and put flowers under the Army flag.”


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