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Card Moved From Sunwapata Falls, Alberta to Stanley Falls

Hi There
We recently went on a hiking trip out in the Rockie Mountains of Canada. We are both from Calgary Alberta Canada and when we stopped at Sunwapata Falls Alberta near Jasper we found your Son's photo. Something just moved me towards it, I passed it twice and both times I felt and urge to grab it so I did. We both felt very touched by the story and meaning behind the photo and felt like we had to take it somewhere ourselves. We drove to a place called Stanley Falls and hiked to the falls itself and placed his photo with a shrine close to the falls along the path. We both wanted to let you know our hearts go out to you and your family, we are both so proud to be a part of this. Thank you for your sacrifice and Robert’s, I know no amount of words will ever compare to having your Son back. I can only offer the comfort that his sacrifice allowed countless lives to be saved and allow us to be free.

Simply put.
Thank you!

Here are some images for your website, I also posted to my Blog about this trip and I included your son’s images.

Sunwapata Shrine-sm

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