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I met Duckie at a National Guard gold star families retreat and gave her two photographs.  One has remained with her (except for brief journeys) and one was given to her son who is in the Army.  I means a lot to us that he has returned to Iraq, and know that he would be happy being back there with a fellow Soldier.
E-mail from Duckie:

Dear Mary & Brian:

We met last November at a Gold Star families weekend sponsored by the NC National Guard.  You gave me several of Robert's pictures and I have been sharing them with friends at my work who have travelled to England, Greece, and Italy.  Each time they have taken my picture of Robert along with them and returned it here to me.  I carry it each and every day, right in my photo album in my purse along side my pictures of my son, also a soldier.  I work for the NC Dept. of Correction and travel all over the state and carry my pictures each and every time. 
The other day I was looking at my son's Facebook page and came upon this photo that I am sending along to you.  My son's name is Ben and he is on his 4th deployment, 3rd to Iraq.  I had shared Robert's story with him when he was home last year for leave and gave him one of the pictures you had given to me. 
He took this picture in his room, over there, I think, and titled it "travelling the world, brought my buddy along."  I thought you would like to know that.
I am hoping that you are both well and find some measure of peace in knowing that your son is remembered and that he still travels among men much like himself who believe in this country and the principles of duty, honor and sacrifice.  And their Mamas.

God bless you both and thank you so much for sharing your son with us, with deepest regards, Duckie


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B.J. & Robert -- "Travelling the world, brought my buddy along."

And a very special email from her son: 

The picture of Robert has been to different places with me. He's gone through a rotation at NTC (the National Training Center), He's been my riding partner while I've been down I-95, I-70 and various other roadways, And now He's come with me to Iraq. As I continue to travel he will continue to go with me. I hope he is with others and continues to see the world through all of our eyes and lives on through our experiences. Never forget those that have come before us that gave their all to make it possible to carry on and do what we do.

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