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February 15, 2010 –

I attended a Packer vs Seattle football game in Green Bay, WI.  I was having my picture taken next to the Lombardi Trophy when I noticed your son’s picture there.  I held onto his picture so I could leave it at the most special place I could think of — which is the place my first child was born.  She was born in Redwing, MN at Fairview Hospital.  I left his picture in the chapel of the hospital. 



Lombardi trophy - Greenbay, WI

patributton patributton

March 2, 2010 –

I picked up the photo of Robert from the chapel at the Fairview Red Wing Hospital.  I went to the chapel to pray for my friend who died over the weekend, who returned from Iraq a couple of months ago from his 2d tour.  Your son’s photo was laying by the prayer book, and decided I wanted to carry him with me for a while.  I can tell by looking at him that he was a very kind, loveable young man with a sense of humor.  I strongly believe in the spiritual realm and that those who have left before us are still with us, guiding us and loving us.  I am hoping you feel his presence often.  I plan to carry your son’s picture around with me until I find what seems like a most appropriate place where he may touch someone else’s life.  For now, he has deeply touched mine. 

C.S. Zumbrota, MN


Fairview Hospital, Redwing, MN


Zumbrota, MN

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