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Note:  This wonderful couple from Canada continues to include Robert in their travels, introducing him to all they meet. You will note updates of both emails and photos at the end of their initial contact. 

Hello Brian & Mary

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Deb and I live just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my husband, Rob. We found the photo of your son last Sept. in Wyoming while we were on a two week motorcycle trip. And no, we're not bikers, just a couple of old people that like to ride :-)

His picture was placed on a bridge on the Chief Joseph Highway which is an incredibly beautiful ride. I have sent along the pics of the bridge and surrounding area, as well as one of us.

We thought it was a wonderful way to honor your son and knew exactly where we wanted to place his picture in Canada. I kept his picture in my jacket pocket and he "rode with me" for the rest of the trip, through the Beartooth Pass, back up to Montana, and through Alberta to our home.

The plan was before winter came we would do one last ride to one of the most beautiful places in Canada and leave Robert's picture there. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate and the cold came early and the bikes were put away. And so I feel sort of guilty because Robert's picture has adorned the front of our fridge since then because we still want to take him to Jasper.

We have shown our friends though and he has been in maybe the place that is most special to us, our home where we are together. I wanted to email you sooner but time does get away. So if you don't mind, we will keep him with us a little longer and then take him to our special spot. Along the way is some of the most incredible scenery in Canada and we will be thinking of him and all the brave soldiers who have fought both for your country and for ours. We will be honored to "ride with him" again and to share his story with other Canadians.

                Deb (& Rob)


UPDATE:  April 22, 2010

Hi Mary & Brian

We have been having an incredible spring here in Alberta, temperatures the last couple days are what we often have in the summer!  Very dry though and we desperately need rain, just like last year. Hope to get out to Jasper on our bikes soon.

UPDATE:  June 24, 2010

Hello Brian & Mary:
Well, the weather up here in Alberta, Canada finally cooperated and we had a beautiful weekend to do our "Ride for Robert" to Jasper.  We have been honored to share his story with many of our family and friends since Sept last year so thought it would be great to continue to do this with other people.  So we chose to keep the original picture we found in Wyoming and Robert now rides with me.  We did get some copies made though and left them in several places in Jasper.  We hope to leave a few more as we travel around on our bikes this summer.  There are so many beautiful places in Canada where we would like to leave him and we hope the people that find them will be as touched by his story as we were.    

I have sent along some of the pictures of our weekend.  The scenery shots were where we left Robert's pictures - one at Athabasca Falls and the other at Maligne Lake.   I also included pictures of some of the wildlife we saw.  It was actually our best trip ever to see wildlife - we saw two wolves, three bear, and lots of caribou, mountain sheep, deer, and elk.  Some of them were too quick to get pictures of.  Others, like two of the bears, a little too dangerous to stop for a photo op on the bikes.  You will even notice the one I did manage to get is a little blurry !

As the anniversary of Robert's death approaches, we would just like to extend our thoughts and prayers to both of you and his family and know that we continue to think of him and again, are proud to ride with him.
Deb & Rob


Deb and her bike ..... with Robert in his new place of honor, leading her as she rides.


Athabasca Falls


Maligne Lake


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