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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wheat,

My son found your son's picture while we were recently vacationing in the Black Hills in South Dakota.  My husband and I and our daughters and son were enjoying the amazing scenery at the Cathedral Spires on the Needles Highway when my husband and son climbed a bit higher to get a better view.  My son spotted Robert's picture in a crack in a large boulder.  We were very humbled and honored to find it.  We carried it with us for the rest of our journey safely tucked within the pages of my Bible.  I've been praying for you both for strength and comfort.


Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills of South Dakota

I looked up your son on the internet and found him to be well liked and respected, a loving husband and devoted father.  Quite a legacy.  I'm so sorry that he lost his life at such a young age.  The military has been an important part of my own family, with my father and his five brothers each serving in the various divisions.  My dad was wounded during the Korean War when he was just 18.  He had a short Army career, as he was disabled for the rest of his life.  His Purple Heart and military flag hang in my mother's living room. (he passed away several years ago from cancer)  He was fiercely patriotic, and chose his burial plot here in our small town of North Liberty in the local cemetery next to the Armed Forces Memorial. That is where I have chosen to place your son's picture (at the memorial)....it is special to me because it is near my father and sister's graves, and the memorial is a tribute to the military, which is forever linked with your son.

Thank you for giving me and my family an opportunity to learn about your son, and to honor his memory.  He gave everything for our freedom, and we plan to live in such a way that it reflects our deep appreciation.

Very sincerely,

J.K., North Liberty, IN

The card was found in North Liberty in May, 2010 ...... it has been taken to South Bend, Indiana

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