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We don’t know who left Robert’s card at White Sands Dunes National Park, and we have not included a photo of the park, because we have not found one that will do it justice ... instead, we are linking to this remarkable video taken by Good Morning America .... it shows the awesome scenes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world but White Sands Dunes.  (Please excuse the opening 30-second commercial -- it’s worth waiting through it to see this beautiful spot.

I am deeply honored & humbled to have found your son Robert on the White Sands Dunes on March 23.

My daughters and I had almost finished our hike on the Dunes when I spotted his photo just barely sticking out of the sand. The sighting was especially emotional for me since we buried my step-grandson, in January of this year. He was a new recruit with the Illinois National Guard & was getting his training at Ft. Leonardwood, MO.

I live in a rural area and am a widow, losing my husband to cancer two years ago this month. My husband’s ashes are scattered in our corral, so he can watch the seasons change on Pikes Peak to the north of my property. I am hoping that Robert will like being with my husband for a time. Hopefully your son liked to hike, hunt, fish, camp, ride horses & trade life's stories with a wisened man.

Unfortunately at this time my neighbors are the only ones to know about Robert & where he is at this time.

My son (retired Navy) lives not far from Ft. Carson south of Colorado Springs. He will see that Robert will be visiting the Army Post there.

My sincere condolences on your loss.
Sincerely & God Bless

B.P., Rockvale, CO

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