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Received June 16, 2011

Hello! My family and I were on vacation and happened to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past Tuesday. My 7 year old son sat down on a bench there and held up a little card, proudly proclaiming, "Look,mom! I found a baseball card!" As I'm sure you can gather, it was no baseball card, but a picture of your son, Robert. I've attached a picture of my two boys with my friend Nikki, holding Robert's picture where it was found.

Right now, Robert's made it back to Myrtle Beach, SC where my boys, husband, and I live. We're trying to decide the perfect place to leave his picture next. We will be sure to let you know where we leave it, and will send a picture of that place as  well. I'm a teacher at a middle school here in SC, and my colleagues and I are already trying to figure out how we can incorporate this incredible memorial during our annual Veteran's day luncheon and assembly.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us.





From another teacher at Forrestbrook MIddle School:

Hi Mary,

Here is a Wall of Honor at our school, Robert's photo was included.

We will keep his journey going,





Another email received Nov. 11, 2011

Hello there!

The kids have voted! The students chose to put Robert's photo at War Bird Park. War Bird Park is located on the old Airforce Base in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was designed to pay tribute to the men and women who served here years ago before the base closed. A little info about the park can be found here: http://www.cityofmyrtlebeach.com/about.html.

Tomorrow a few of my students, some colleagues, my own children, and myself will travel to War Bird Park after school is over and leave Robert's photo for the next leg of his journey. We thought it would be particularly appropriate to leave his photo at the new location on Veteran's Day.

Thank you again for sharing Robert's story with us. I look forward to seeing who find his photo next. Bless you.


Forestbrook Middle School




We were there when the group from Forestbrook Middle School placed Robert’s card at War Bird Park in Myrtle Beach.  We love to meet who are helping us honor our son’s memory.

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