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We left Robert’s photo at the Tucson Desert Museum during a trip last year.  It is a very special place.  While in Tucson, we saw a Colorado Rockies pre-season game and they had an amazing 9-run 9th-inning comeback for a win.  It was a beautiful spring day and was the weekend of the Davis-Montham air show.  The Air Force Thunderbirds kept flying over the stadium during their performance.   Coincidentally, just as one of the Rockies hit a game-winning, walk-off home run, the Thunderbirds did a loud, low-altitude pass over the stadium.  It was very patriotic and reminded us of the sound of freedom!  All-in-all a perfect day.
RL of Denver, Colorado found that card and emailed us the following:

I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me.  This experience means a lot to me.
I found Robert's picture at the desert museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I was visiting for the Colorado Rockies' spring training.  Tucson is beautiful and the desert museum was also very beautiful.  I took Robert's picture back to Denver, Colorado where I live and have had a struggle thinking of a place to put Robert's tribute.  I wanted to put his picture somewhere that meant something to me, a place that I'm fond of.  This was a struggle for me because being from Colorado the Rockie Mountains came to mind and I felt in a strange way obligated to place him on top of a mountain or in a national park.  But no particular place came to mind.  I grew up in the city and all my favorite spots are in Denver.  I decided I should keep my decision closer to home. 

I chose the Millennium Bridge in Denver as the spot to leave Robert's picture.  To me it's a beautiful spot.  The Highlands historic neighborhood is to the North, the Denver skyline is to the south, the plains and railroad tracks are facing east, and the Rockie Mountains are west.  The sunsets on top of the bridge are beautiful and I have spent many memorable evenings on top of the bridge alone and with friends.  I feel proud of Denver and grateful to be alive when I am on the Millennium Bridge so I thought it was the perfect place.  Before I left Robert's picture I played on song for him, it's one of my favorite songs in the world called "Tezeta-Nostalgia" by Mulatu Astatke.  I played this song and enjoyed the view, it was a beautiful moment.


Denver’s Millenium Bridge

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