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October 06, 2009 --

Let me tell you where and how we found his photo.  It was Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.  This was our 42nd wedding anniversary.  Our oldest son turned 35 on the 18th and our anniversary was the 23rd, so we flew to Colorado to celebrate both events.  We live in Springfield, Mo. and he lives in Georgetown, Co. but we spent 4 nights in Colorado Springs doing all the touristy activities.  We had gone through Garden of the Gods on Monday, but only saw half of it because we went too far and found ourselves in Manitou Springs and ended up looking around there. 

On the 23rd we had reservations to ride the cog railroad to the top of Pike's Peak.  We thought spending our 42nd anniversary over 14,000 feet high would be great.  Well, the 21st was the last day of summer and it snowed on the first and second day of fall, meaning that on Wednesday the cog railroad was only clear for 6 miles and we could not reach the top of Pike's Peak by rail and/or car. 

We canceled our reservations and our son said, "Well, let's go back and finish the Garden of the Gods."  We were in the park fairly early, got some great nature shots of some deer and stopped at the overlook to read up on the area and points of interest.  I looked down on the lower, right hand corner and saw Robert's photo.  I can not tell you how special it made our anniversary to be able to share in this unusual but very special request.  We felt it was a "God thing" allowed to happen by an early snow and some unfinished business.  

We placed the card at the College of the Ozarks Chapel on 10-05-09 at 2:45p.m. When we left the church, there was a church van from Illinois that arrived.  I am hoping someone in that group will be blessed to find Robert's photo and maybe take it to Illinois .... whoever finds it will be by GOD's design.  I was reluctant to leave it, I felt very protective of the photo, but I wanted to comply with your wishes.

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Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, CO


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