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Robert’s photo was left at JFK's grave site by our Casualty Assistance Officer who was visiting there with his grandchildren and wanted to make sure that Robert traveled to that very special place.

. . . in early April, 2010 it was found . . .


Last week, my son, age 13, was on a school trip to Washington, D.C. and found your son’s photo beside President Kennedy’s gravesite.  He picked it up and brought it back to Ohio and gave it to me so that I could email you.  My husband and I think it would be appropriate to let my son pick his favorite spot for your son’s journey.  As I type this and cry, I think of your loss.  I also think that you have given us the best gift: a wonderful memorial to your son, to have him travel the world and remind us all that life is precious and this man fought and died for us. He believed in America and believed that we were worth the ultimate sacrifice.
I am sorry for your loss.  I don’t know if it gets any easier as time goes on.  I do know that I want to thank you for allowing me to meet this wonderful man and thank him for keeping my son safe.  My brother is 33 and has been in the Air Force since he was 18.  When I get angry because of the many losses, he reminds me that the fighting is being kept off American soil.  I know that is keeping my family safe.
As soon as my son decides on a place, I will let you know.  We have a 62 Corvette and I plan on giving Robert a ride in it. 

Thank you again and God Bless You!!

A.T., Galion, OH

Cards in other Washington, DC locations:

On 8th Grade Trip; Arlington National Cemetery; President Kennedys Grave; Mount Vernon


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