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December 10, 2009

            I am sending this email because I saw your son, Robert’s picture at Mount Vernon, Virginia, over Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a good picture, with a description on the back, describing the ultimate sacrifice that he & fellow NC Guardsmen made on June 29, 2009.  I was incredibly touched by his personal conviction; his sacrifice; and your pride in his Service. 
            While the note on the back of the card instructed the reader to take Robert’s picture to a favorite place, I could think of no place more fitting, or worthy, than where I found it.  It was overlooking George Washington’s home, at the very birthplace of our Freedom.
            Before I placed it carefully back in its resting place, in the large courtyard in front of Washington’s home, I showed it to our six-year-old Daughter.  I explained that these are the men & women who protect us, and who watch over us at night, so that we can enjoy both quality-of-life and Freedom.
            Thank you again for raising a wonderful son – Robert.  Thank you for your incredible sacrifice.  And thank you for still believing in the mission.   I remain,
                                       Humbled and respectful,


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