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Mary and Brian,
While Denise and I were in Colorado 2 weeks ago we placed one of Robert's pictures at the Lulu City marker.  On my last trip to Colorado we had walked this trail only part way but it was very beautiful.  This trip I was determined to make it all the way to Lulu City which is near the headwaters of the Colorado River at about 9400 feet.  The trip in was just under 4 miles from the parking area, but with the altitude, and stopping to sightsee, it took us several hours to get there.  There is little remaining of Lulu City, just one partial log cabin is all that is left but the area is very beautiful. Robert would have loved it.   We hiked up a little further and had lunch and by the time we got back the picture (of Robert) was gone, as the day was perfect for hiking.  There were many people out and it didn't take long to get discovered and carried on its way.  I have included a picture of a map of the area to give you a better idea of where Lulu City is. 
Here is a little background on Lulu City....

When the miners first swarmed into Lulu City, most planned to stay for a very long time. That was in 1879. The city was laid out on an ambitious scale. One hundred blocks were platted. In no time, Lulu had four lumber mills, a fancy hotel, a justice of the peace and a post office. The stage from Fort Collins arrived three times a week. The boom lasted little more than a year when people began to leave. Lulu was virtually empty by 1884. Some good gold, silver and lead were mined, but high costs and generally low-grade ore made it hardly worth the trouble. It is said a Benjamin Franklin Burnett founded the town and named it after his daughter, Lulu.
Funny, the story I heard was that Lulu was the madam of the local brothel and the town was named after her.... 
Love you,
Bill and Denise

Lulu City Trail - Rocky Mountain National Parksm

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