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        A Feeling of Renewed Life From Loss


I found Robert's card while sharing a birthday brunch with a dear friend and our 6 yr old daughters at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.  I was touched by Robert's story.  The cards are such a wonderful idea and a beautiful way to pass his memory along.  I shared the card with my husband when I got home and searched the name finding your website.  Beautiful and touching.  This morning when we took a family hike to Dupont State Forest with our two daughters 4 and 6 yrs old, we took Robert with us in our hearts.  While the park is known for it's beautiful waterfalls...I captured the attached picture that was most meaningful to me in context of Robert.

The picture was taken early in the morning on our hike.  The forest is very lush this time of year, but in this particular spot where these great trees had fallen.  The absence of trees is the first thing that one would notice and the question of the circumstances that might have brought about their sudden loss.

Then when I looked closer, I noticed all the life that continued on in the small mosses and ferns that basked in the light from the fallen trees.  I like to think of each moss and each fern and each budding oak that might otherwise not have had enough light to grow, as each of the lives that have been touched by your photos and cards of Robert.  As I walked with my family today, I took that light that was created from so much love for a fallen hero and turned it inward to be present in that moment with my family, knowing that life is so precious and each moment a gift.

In peace and loving kindness,



Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC


DuPont State Forest

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