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November 18, 2009 – I am currently a Ranger Instructor at the first phase of Ranger School at Ft. Benning, Ga.  I have served over seas on numerous occasions and I understand how you all feel about your son.  He is a great American for making the ultimate sacrifice in giving his life for others.  For men like he and I, we love our country and would rather take the fight to them then for it to come back to our country again.  I'm sorry for your loss and wish the best too the both of you in your recovery. 

My partner and I recently won one of the most prestigious competitions in the Army, the David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition.  Along with winning the competition many donators contribute gifts and one was a shooting course in Linden, NC

Upon completion of the course a gentleman from Connecticut approached me with a picture in his hand.  He told me a story of how he found it then he handed me the picture of your son.  

I have thought of many places to put it such as a       C-130 Hercules aircraft during one of our Airborne Operations or even the new Museum here at Ft. Benning.  Then about a week ago I was informed that I would be attending a luncheon with the country music legend Charlie Daniels.  I thought about all of the events  that I've been able to attend for winning the competition and how special they've been.  So with that, today at the luncheon I'm going to attempt to give it to him and see his reaction and look forward to seeing what he'll do with it. 

Great memorial to your son in his death,  Thank You for your support of the troops and for sharing your son’s story with the world. 

Ranger Lead the Way!


Ranger Lead the Way!

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