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We know that some cards may not have been found yet ..... others may have been found but have not yet been taken to a new place ..... and still others may have been moved, but the information has not been emailed to us.  But we have had many wonderful responses that we share with you here.

Click through on the red links to read responses we have received and see the photos that people have sent us.  Responses here are listed in the approximate order that cards were found, or in the order email were sent to us, if no date for finding the card was given.  Some people have written more than once, and their updated entries are noted by a blue star.

Card found 9/10/2009 at Pactola Dam, Rapid Valley, SD and left at Jenny Lake, Teton National Park, MT 9/14/2009

Email received 9/11/2009 -- Card found at Badlands National Park and taken to Grand Teton National Park

Email received 9/13/2009: Card found at Mt Rushmore on Labor Day weekend, 2009 and taken to Millenium Park, Chicago, IL on 9/13/2009

Email received 4/10/2010:  Card found in Sept 2009 at Badlands National Park on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway near Cody, WY, and taken to Alberta, Canada

Email received 10/01/2009:  Card found at Yellowstone Park and taken to the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, PA

Email received 10/02/2009: Card found at Jenny Lake, Teton National Park and taken to Independence Pass            

Email received 10/7/2009  Card found at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton, MT to Glacier Park, Canada - town of Waterton

Card found 9/19/2009 at Signal Mt Summit at Yellowstone Park and taken to Multnomah Falls in Oregon.  It was found there and taken to Ayers Hall, California State University of Chico

Card found at Garden of the Gods, 9/23/09 and was placed at the College of the Ozarks’ Williams Memorial Chapel, Branson, MO on 10-05-09

Card found 1st week of Oct 2009 at the College of the Ozarks’ Williams Memorial Chapel south of Branson, Missouri, and taken to Leawood, KS

Email received 10/3/2009:  Card found at Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone Park near Jackson, WY and taken to Park City, Utah

Email received 10/21/2009:  from Lake Yellowstone in Wyoming to Pike’s Peak Heritage Center, west of Colorado Springs (looking down on the town of Cripple Creek)

Email received 10/1/2009 -- Card found in Yellowstone National  Park and taken to Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine

Email received 10/4/2009 -- Card found at the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine and taken to North Conway, NH 

Email received 10/26/2009 -- Card found in North Conway, NH and taken to Fayetteville, NC

Email received 10/28/2009: Card found at Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills, SD and taken to the Armed Forces Memorial in North Liberty, IN (near South Bend)

Email received 10/30/2009: Card found 9/16/2009 at Devils Canyon overlook at Big Horn Reservoir on the SE Montana & Wyoming border; and was taken to Lower Calf Creek Falls near Boulder, Utah

Email received 11/18/2009 -- Card handed off at Linden, NC and handed again to Charlie Daniels in Ft Benning, GA

Card found 11/22/2009 at Carolina Dunes and taken to Lake Lowndes State Park near Columbus, Mississippi

Card found Thanksgiving Weekend, 2009 at Mt Vernon, VA .... left there in the courtyard in the front of Washington’s home

Email received 12/10/2009:  Card taken from the NC Governor’s Mansion, Raleigh NC and passed through several hands on its way to the White House in Washington, DC

In Washington, DC, Robert went to the White House.

Card found near the 4/15/2010 timeframe near President John F. Kennedy’s gravesite, and taken to Galion, OH

Card found 11/29/2009 at FDR Memorial, & taken to Mt. Vernon, VA, home of President George Washington.


Email received 2/03/2010 - Card found in the Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho and taken to Megan Lake in the Sangre de Christo Mountains, south of Colorado Springs, CO

Email received 3/2/2010.  Card found at Mt. Lemmon, AZ and taken to the Amity Foundation, Tucson, AZ

Card found March 4, 2010 -- Card was at the Hall of Presidents in the American Pavilion at Epcot Center.  Taken to Saint Marten.

Email of 3/12/2010 -- Card left during our visit to Fort Hood, Killeen, TX

Card found 3/14/2010 in Central Park (NYC) and taken to Tarpon Springs, FL

Card found at White Sands Dunes, NM on 3/23/2010 and taken to Ft Carson, Colorado Springs, CO

Email sent 3/25/2010 -- Found at the Irish Pub in Disney World.  Taken to New Life Christian Church, Jamison, PA.

Card found 4/10/2010 at the National Guard Monument, Wilmington, NC and taken to Magnolia Gardens near the Cape Fear River near Wilmington, NC

Card found in June, 2010 at Truman Lake, Warsaw, MO and taken to All Veterans Memorial, Emporia, KS

Photos received June 29, 2010 -- card placed in Warsaw, MO -- no narrative sent with photos.

Card found in Washington, DC and given to someone else in Gettysburg, PA week of July 4th 2010, and taken home to Toledo, OH.

Email received July 5, 2010.  Card handed from one person to another at Niagara Falls, NY and taken to Amish country, PA.

Unknown date in July 2010:  Card given to “Karen” by a friend.  She took the card with her on her “trip of a lifetime” to several destinations in Europe, and brought the card back to give to her friend to keep it moving on.

Email sent July 15, 2010 -- Card found in a Bible at the Cadet Chapel at the USAF Academy near Colorado Springs, CO.

Email received July 28, 2010 -- Card found at Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, TX and taken to the USO at the San Antonio Airport.

Posted in our Guestbook August 12, 2010 -- see this complete trip here:    I am traveling sales manager out of Miami, Florida. I found your sons photo while traveling thru the Denver airport earlier this year. Not knowing what to do with it and upon your request I did two things. I made 20 copies of the photo had them laminated and have been leaving them thru out my worldwide journey. I have left the photo at Mallory Square in Key West, FL. Arlington Cemetery, VA. On the front gate of the White House. Gave one to the Captain of The Carnival Cruise Ship Freedom so he can travel the Caribbean, perhaps your son would have loved that. Left another at the Panama Canal. Gave one to an elderly lady on a plane to Ohio she had lost her son in Vietnam, his body was never recovered. I thank to your son every time I see his picture for his sacrifice so I can raise my daughter in a free country.

Email received Aug. 29, 2010 -- Card found at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC and taken to nearby DuPont State Forest.

Email received Sept. 3, 2010 -- Card found at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, GA and taken to Ponteland, Northumberland, England.

Email received Sept. 4, 2010 -- Two cards were hand-delivered to friends, and they took one to a natural viewing area in Utah, and one to Fruita, CO.

Email received Sept 6, 2010 -- Card found along the Pamlico River near Aurora, NC in mid-June and taken to East Musquash Lake, Maine 9-3-2010

Email received Sept. 29, 2010 -- Card found near the Lulu City Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and taken to Mills Lake near Glacier Gorge, Colorado.

Email received Oct. 19, 2010 -- Card left at a Veteran’s Memorial in Mount Airy, NC.

Email received Nov. 12, 2010 -- Card found at the Central Park Resorvoir in NYC .... carried through the NYC Marathon, and left at the Breakneck Ridge Flag Memorial.

Email received Nov. 13, 2010 -- Card found at the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville, NC.

Cards given out to an individual at a Gold Star Families weekend in November 2010.  They continue to travel ... taking Robert on several trips to Europe, and one special trip ... back to Iraq.

December 2010 -- Robert began a world cruise aboard the Princess Cruise Lines.


Card taken from Jacksonville, NC to a Pittsburg Steelers game in Pittsburg, PA.

Card found at Tucson Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ and left at the Millenium Bridge in Denver, CO.

Card was left at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ

Card found hiking in Colorado (date uknown) and given to a friend to take to Maho Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands in April 2011

Card found at Moose Falls at Yellowstone National Park, WY

April 2011 Card found hiking in the Rocky Mountains and taken to Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

April 23, 2011, the card was left at the Wyndham Resort in the Smokey Mountains, TN, after being found in Myrtle Beach, SC in December, 2010

May 2011:   Card found in North Liberty, IN and taken to South Bend, IN.

May, 2011:  Card was left at Yana’s Restaurant in Swansboro, NC

Email received June 16, 2011 at Atlanta Botantical Gardens, and taken home to Myrtle Beach, SC

July 2011:  Card taken to a firehouse in NY

July 2011:   Card found at the “Respite” sculpture at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw, GA, and taken to St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

July 10, 2011:  Card found at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO and taken to Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church, Livermore, CA

August 4, 2011:  Card placed at the Casualty Mortuary Affairs Operation Center in Fort Knox, KY

Email sent Aug. 24, 2011.  Card found at Manitou Cliff Dwellings, CO and taken to Yosemite Falls, CO.

Email sent Sept 5, 2011 detailing Robert’s travels with vacationing couple from New York City .... eventually making its way to St. Paul’s Chapel at Ground Zero, NYC

Email received September 12, 2011 -- Card found along the Bright Angel Trail in April ..... taken to Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg, PA on 9/11/2011.

Email received September 14, 2011 -- Robert’s card was found at the NC National Guard Memorial in Jacksonville, NC and placed in the Bible of a Marine wife.

Email received November 12, 2011 -- Robert’s card was found at the Sky Valley Resort in California, and taken to Pompano Beach, FL.

Email received November 22, 2011 -- Robert’s card was found in Jacksonville, NC and was taken home to Pittsburgh, PA where it resides in a framed copy of a military print.

Email received November 30, 2011 -- The person who wrote isn’t sure where Robert’s card was found, or by whom; but he found it on display at Townsend Aerial Bombing and Gunnery Range control tower in Brunswick, Ga.

December 2011 -- Robert completed a world cruise aboard the Princess Cruise Lines.

December 2011 -- A card found in Colorado in 2009, has traveled coast to coast and finally made it’s way back home to NC in 2011 to Pembroke, a city only about 120 miles away from Robert’s home in Jacksonville.


Email received Jan 10, 2012 -- This card made its way from Atlanta in the summer of 2011 to spend a Christmas vacation in Panama City Beach, FL for Christmas 2011, and then to the traveler’s home in Loganville, GA

Email received Jan 28, 2012 -- Card found at 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial and placed at the St. Louis Arch, St. Louis, MO

Email received March 23, 2012 -- Card received in Rock Hill, SC and placed in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy

Email received March 30, 2012 -- Card found at Garden of the Gods in Colorado, and placed at Garden of the Tomb in Jerusalem

Email received April 20, 2012 --  Card found in Branson, Missouri and taken first to St Louis, MO and then on to Washington, DC,

Email received April 28, 2012 -- Card handed off in Washington, DC from one couple to a group of students on an 8th grade trip.

Card taken to Stone Mountain on May 19, 2012

Card found in June 2012 at Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada ... taken to Calgary Stampede in July 2012.

Email received June, 2012 -- Card found at Jasper National, Alberta Canada and taken to an inukshuk at Athabasca Falls in the Canadian Rockies.

* Entry regarding commemmoration of 3rd anniversary of our son, Robert while visiting Wasilla, Alaska

Email received June 11, 2012 -- Card found at Lover’s Leap, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia.

Email received July 18, 2012 -- Card found at Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies

Email received July 31, 2012 -- Card found at a rest stop along the Testlin River in the Yukon Territory, Alaska and was taken to the Chena River State Recreational Park in Fairbanks, AL

Email received August 1, 2012 -- Card received at a Cub Scout banquet.  Taken to the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC

Email received August 10, 2012 -- Card found in Texas and will be taken to Denali National Park at the end of the month.

Email received August 11, 2012 -- Card found on a trip to Mt. Healy, Alaska and taken to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Card found August 13, 2012 at Mt. Rushmore National Park, SD and taken on a Carribbean cruise in December 2012.

Card found August 15, 2012 at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and left at Lake Geneva Youth Camp’s Bayview Hall.

Email received Aug. 20, 2012 -- Card found at Sunwapata Falls Alberta near Jasper and taken to Stanley Falls.

Email received Aug. 31, 2012 -- Card found in Yellowstone National Park and taken to Chester Park in Duluth, MN

Card found Sept. 1, 2012 at Douthat State Park, Clifton Forge, VA.  Taken to Newport News Park, Newport News, VA.

Email received Sept. 12, 2012 -- Card found at Glacier National Park, Montana, and taken to Minnesota.

Email received Sept. 12. 2012 -- Card found in Alaskan wilderness ... taken to the Ottawa Canal.

Email received Sept. 16, 2012 -- Card found at Contra Basin Overlook, Badlands National Park, SD and taken to Ebeys    Landing, Coupeville, WA

Email received Sept. 28, 2012  -- Card found at Sky Valley, GA

Email received Oct. 30, 2012 -- Card found at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, England, and left at Column 227 in the Armed Forces Memorial of the Arboretum.

Email received Dec.22, 2012 -- Card found at Bennett Springs State Park.


Email received Jan.7, 2013:  Card received in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and taken to Stockholm, Sweden.

Email received Feb. 17, 2013: Card found in Vicksburg, MS and taken to Springfield, MO

Email received March 24, 2013.  Card delivered by hand at Muncho Lake, British Columbia in August.  Left at Nimpo Lake, British Columbia in late August. 

Card found May 5, 2013 at Moraine Lake at British Columbia, Canada.  Taken to Taunusstein near Wiesbaden, Germany

Email received May 20, 2013.  Card found at Charles DeGaulle Airport, Paris France and will be taken to Detroit, MI.

Email received June 19, 2013.  Card found in Atlanta, taken to Nashville then cross country and back to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Card found in Shenandoah National Park along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Card found and left at Jennie’s Diner, Lancaster, PA.

Email received October 5, 2014.  Card found at USS Alabama Memorial Park in Mobile, AL ... making its way to Gatlinburg, TN.


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