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Card Found at Mt. Healy, Denali National Park, Alaska

Hi Brian and Mary,

I just wanted to let you know that we found the laminated photo of your son in Healy Alaska.   My husband, 21 year old son and I were visiting my daughter and her boyfriend who were there for the summer.  Healy Alaska is a small town just outside the entrance of Denali National Park.  We decided to climb a popular small "mountain" called Mt Healy which is about 5000 feet climb.   There is a narrow dirt pathway that leads to the top leading from the road.   My husband came upon a collection of rocks and the photo was set in the middle to keep the photo from blowing away.   We have included a photo of the view from the area so you will know just how beautiful and vast an area it is.   We live in Wisconsin close to the Illinois/Wisconsin border and spend alot of time in Lake Geneva Wisconsin which is where we decided the photo needed to go.   Lake Geneva Wisconsin is visited by people from all over and there is a spot along the lake which we thought was the perfect place.   We have included a photo of the lake so you know where we left the photo of Robert.

I just want to say that this is a really neat idea. Its a wonderful way to remember your son.

Our best to you
The Timpones


Mt. Healy, Alaska . . .


Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


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