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Robert Bittiker Memorial ......


Wendy Ferlanie

AWESOME story and testimony of how you have dealt with your grief.  God Bless YOU Both !!! We have a young Marine in Afghanistan now.  We are loosing so many.  Everytime they post a new casuality, I am so sad for the people left behind. All soldiers are somebody’s Son or Daughter, or Brother or Uncle.  So many tears fall everyday.  Take Care. God Bless YOU Both and Our Troops!!!!

Monday June 28-2010-14:37 - Clearwater, Florida


Cherie Breslin

I am a former member of the United States Air Force and have been a Marine Dependent all my life, I know that the loss of your son has to have been extremely hard for you.  I know that my father was in the Gulf War and a bomb almost collapsed his tent. I never saw combat but your son truly is a hero serving his country. I honor him for that and thank him for his service. You must be proud.  I wish you blessings and peace always, Cherie Breslin

 Monday June 28-2010-14:36 - Jacksonville NC


Teresa Cook

What an awesome way to honor your son.  You can be nothing but proud of him and his service to this country. I wish everyone has the chance to go on this journey with you and your son. I will be emailing the link to my friends and family. My son is currently stationed at Camp Lejuene, NC.  He has had one deployment to Iraq and is training for his next deployment to Afghanistan. God bless you and thank you for sharing.

Monday June 28-2010-13:49 - Tupelo, MS


Betty M Pardee

It was truly my honor to find Robert in the White Sands Nat'l Park, NM.  I have often wondered how many places he has visited. What a wonderful way to Honor Robert through his website, and enable us to travel along with him.

Monday June 28-2010-11:10 - Rockvale, CO


Ivar R Gram, USMC

Dear Brian and Mary, Your friend Blanche forwarded your web site to me.  She and I went to high school together.  I wish to offer my condolences to you over the loss of your son and a true Patriot. However, with tears in my eyes as I read all through the site, I can very well see that your son is still very much alive in spirit.  God Bless You, Ivar Gram USMC 1958-1966

Sunday June 27-2010-18:27 - Winston-Salem, NC


Blanche Nichols  

Mary and Brian, This is a beautiful testimony to the life of Bob and it will be an inspiration to all who read it.  I'm sure it will be circulated here and there and touch us all. Thank you for sharing the story.

 Sunday June 27-2010-17:40 - Jacksonville, NC


Cindy and Bill Woolfolk

Mary and Brian - We are so very proud of Robert and all Service Members, especially those who have given all. Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of love to you and the family.

Sunday June 27-2010-12:40 - Jacksonville, NC


Jake Jacoby

Mary: Bryan: Your loss is heaven's gain. No person can say they know how it feels to have lost a family member. Donna and I will be thinking of Robert and all of the other souls who have given their all.  Enjoy the fourth.

Saturday June 26-2010-20:42 - USA Jacksonville, NC


Jeff Furrow

 He will always be remembered by me not a day goes by that I don't think about June 29th, 2009

 Friday June 25-2010-11:41 - Roanoke, Va


Leonard Harrison

Knowing your son was serving his country, by his choice, should give you great comfort.  Your son like our other soldiers are heroes. I am ex-Army myself.  May God bless you and continue to heal your hearts.  Remember, Robert is looking down on you this very moment. I know you are very proud of him.

Friday June 25-2010-09:24 - Melbourne, Fl


Mike Gaul

Dear Brian and Mary, I have had the honor of working along side Robert during 1996-2002, with Alpha Company 1/120th.  I could always count on Robert to cheer the weekends up. Robert is truly missed - A true American Patriot and will for ever be in my heart. God bless you both and know that Robert is looking down on us and protecting us still. Take care, Mike

Thursday June 24-2010-22:26 - Fort Gordon, Georgia


Ellen Williams

Dear Brian and Mary, I was so touched by this website. My son was in the unit that deployed with your son (Adam Seaferd).  I remember when this tragedy happened shortly after they arrived in Iraq and I was just devastated for your family. I remember thinking that this has to be the biggest sacrifice someone can make EVER. I know that most people's spouses are deployed and something I learned through my son's deployment is different for the mere fact that it is your child. My oldest son is serving in Iraq and all the thoughts that you push out of your mind can get overwhelming. My heart breaks at the thought that you lost your son but I know that you have got to be so very very proud of your son, A man, A Soldier, a husband, but he is still your baby and always will be. Thank you Robert for your service, you will never be forgotten!

Thursday June 24-2010-17:46 - Richardson, Texas


John R: Wright USMC 66-70

Please accept my deepest condolences, for the loss of Robert.  All members of our military, no matter their branch, are our brothers, and sisters. Know that Our Lord on High has placed Robert with all the others of Our Most Honored Heroes. God Bless America.

Tuesday June 22-2010-17:33 - Corpus Christi, Texas


Noel Colangelo

My son also is a New Mexico National Guardsman, who has just returned from White Sands Nat'l Park for his 2 week annual training. He also served in Iraq from Nov 05 to Nov 06.  We were very lucky to have him return safely. Thanks to all of those National Guardsmen and women who have served our country for all of us.  Love them all so much!! HooAH!!

Tuesday June 22-2010-00:27 - Raton, New Mexico


Carol Daly

Mary & Brian, If I stopped building web sites tomorrow, I'd be overjoyed to know that I was able to get this one built for you: I hope everyone who visits will know what a special family you are, and feel the pride and love you have for Robert and the memory of his all-too-short life.  God bless you and your Patriot.

Friday June 18-2010-12:56 - Rock Hill, SC



Hi, I hope you get a lot of entries in your guestbook: Thank you for your son's service to our country.  He's a TRUE HERO. 

Thursday June 17-2010-18:36 - North Carolina

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