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I recently found a picture of your son Robert Bittiker.  I want you to know that I keep it on my desk/work area in a very visible place.  I work at the Casualty Mortuary Affairs Operation Center in Fort Knox, KY.  I keep Robert's picture here as a daily reminder to me and everyone who I work with of why we are here and what purpose we serve. 

In my occupation I deal with tragedies and losses like the one that you two experienced on June 29, 2009. I try very hard to understand how you two must feel about this tragic loss and think about ways that I and the people I work with can assist the parents and spouses of dead service members better.  I know that I cannot tell you that I know exactly how you feel about losing Robert and I also know that I will never be able to truly put myself in your place until I have experienced the kind of loss you two have.  The one thing I do know is that every dead service member is an individual tragedy that is felt by everyone that person touched, especially those that loved him/her.  Robert's picture reminds me of that. 

Thank-you for sharing Robert's picture with me.  I will safeguard it and make sure that everyone who sees it knows why I have put it where it is at.  If they want to take it and place it in a special place they have I will certainly allow them to do that per your wishes, but I hope they do not ask for it.  Your son was and is a hero.  Seeing his picture every day reminds me of that.

T. B., Fort Knox, Kentucky

Robert .... Providing A

Gentle Reminder at

Fort Knox, KY


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