Our Patriot’s Journey


Robert’s Card and his spirit, have traveled coast to coast!

I spoke with a lady who told me she hardly ever uses her computer and she wanted to talk with me in person. So we did.

She told me that a relative picked up his photo in Colorado during the summer of 2009. She took it back to her home in Winthrop, WA and he rode in the car with her for more than a year. While my caller was visiting the relative in Winthrop for Thanksgiving 2010, she was told that although she had become quite attached, it was time for Robert to return to North Carolina, so taped the card to the windshield on her motorcycle.  They traveled almost 8,000 miles back to Pembroke, NC. They traveled through the Cascade Mountain Range, to Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon and finally back home to Pembroke, NC.   He has continued to ride with her.

This past Thanksgiving (2011) she passed his photo around the dinner table and told the story of how his photo was entrusted to her. They all decided that it was time for him to move along to another "special place."  She really didn’t want to give up the photograph but had promised the family that she would.  It hasn't been decided where she will take Robert, but I should hear soon.  In the meantime, I’ve sent her another card -- one she can keep with her until she really is ready to give it up. 



Winthrop, WA


Cascade Mountain Range


Grand Canyon


Pembroke, NC  (home of the Lumbee Tribe -- note the images shown in this photo)

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