Our Patriot’s Journey


Brian and Mary,

We received this photo and card of your son Robert Bittiker while visiting Branson, Missouri. We took it home with us to St Louis that weekend, and the next week we were in Washington, DC, where we’d previously lived. We loved visiting the monuments, so took Robert’s card with us and took these photos of us with it as a remembrance of him.

The card is is great shape as it was handed to us in Branson.

We took pictures of the front and back so we’d have something to remember him by. Where was the first place that you put the photo?

I’m Marci. My dad was an Air Force weatherman for 20 years. My brother was an Air Force fighter pilot, who retired after 22 years. My husband Keith was also an Air Force fighter pilot, who served for 28 years, including over Iraq and Afghanistan. My sister-in-law also retired from the Air Force, after 24 years as a security forces officer, and her husband served for 22 years as an Air Force civil engineer. My brother-in-law was the black sheep of the family, serving for only 10 years as a Navy fighter pilot. I loved having the photo, and showed it to many people, both friends and total strangers. My husband Keith is from Fayetteville, NC which we thought was fitting. I would love to hear more about Robert and his travels if you would like to email them to me.


Keith took this photo in front of the Jefferson Memorial (we always called it the Jefferson Muffin), with Robert’s picture posed in front of it.



Here’s Robert in front of the Washington Monument, looking across the tidal basin. In case you are interested, the Monument is still closed to visitors while they do ongoing repairs from the earthquake.






We took Robert’s picture to the Lincoln Memorial, too. It was only fitting that we took his picture with Abraham Lincoln looking down at us. Thank you for Robert’s sacrifice in helping others to overcome tyranny and live in freedom.







Here’s my husband Keith with Robert’s picture in front of the empty reflecting pool and the Washington Monument in the background. As you can see, it was starting to get dark, so we didn’t get the chance to take Robert to my favorite memorials, the FDR and the WWII, but we hope you have liked seeing him in the places we were able to take him.




One of our favorite memorials is the Korean War memorial. We thought it especially fitting that we take a picture of Robert in front of a memorial to his fellow warriors.





Here are Keith and I with Robert’s picture. We met Trish, a teacher from Maine escorting a group of students through the memorial and she asked us about Robert’s picture after she took this picture. We told her the story about how we received it, and she told us that her husband had just retired from the Marines last year, and that she would be honored to take Robert’s photo to someplace dear to her. Robert is now on his way to Maine.


We wanted you to know that we were honored to have the opportunity to think about and pray for Robert and his and your sacrifice for our country.

With best wishes,
Marci and Keith M.

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