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I live in Thorsby, Alberta with my wife and my two girls.  I must say I imagine the pride you feel for your troops and especially for your son, we do as well, Thank you! It is the people that serve in our armed forces that allow me to tell my children that they will always be safe and free!

My wife and I came across Robert’s photo while visiting Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Alberta.  It is a most amazingly beautiful place! We were touring Jasper as part of our Fourteenth year anniversary and exploring since we moved here from Fort Erie, Ontario, last year.  We have decided to take Robert to The Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton. We thought it was a most interesting and beautiful place, 2 miles of wooden walk ways built inches above a marshy area in Hinton, just East of the Jasper Park entrance, The boardwalk, viewing platforms and feeding areas were built entirely by volunteers with all the wood donated by the local forestry companies in an effort to preserve the landscape and diverse marsh area of Hinton.  Oh and yes there are plenty of Beavers as you may know is one of our national emblems, EH!  By all means please research this really neat place, we had an amazing time here and awesome experience as do many others,

Cheers and thank you for this opportunity!

N, M,M and J

Pyramid Lake-sm

Other card locations:  Sunwapata Falls; Jasper National Park Trail


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