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Mario Gamez

I am traveling sales manager out of Miami, Florida: I found your sons photo while traveling thru the Denver airport earlier this year: Not knowing what to do with it and upon your request I did two things I made 20 copies of the photo had them laminated and have been leaving them thru out my worldwide journey: I have left the photo at Mallory Square in Key West,FL: Arlington Cemetary, VA: On the front gate of the White House: Gave on to the Captain of The Carnival Cruiseship Freedom so he can travel the Caribbean, perhaps your son would have loved that: Left another at the Panama Canal: Gave one to an elderly lady on a plane to Ohio she had lost her son in Vietnam, his body was never recovered: I Thank to your son everytime I see his picture for his sacrifice so I can raise my daugther in a free country.

Thursday August 12-2010-22:56 - Miami Lakes, FLorida


CMSgt (Ret) Charles Turner

My sincere and deepest sympathy for your loss: I too have a son in the military who has been deployed twice, and worry continuously while he is away

Sunday August 8-2010-12:50 - McQueeney Texas


Marie Wheatley

I feel so blessed to have found Robert's photo and to be apart of his journey and touching so many lives: I really anticipated that the photo's would have made it around the world,or at least out of the U:S: in almost 12 months:but it is a wonderful memorial for a wonderful patriot and I am sure it is a great comfort to Robert's whole family, particularily his children: Thanks again for his service to all of us.

Love, Marie  Monday August 2-2010-16:36 - Springfield, Mo


Spc Gabriel Mcculler

It's not a day that goes by that i do not think of you guys. I really never got to no your son, but i knew that he was a good man: I believe that him and the other brothers where our guarding angels for the rest of our tour, and are smiling down on us  every day from the clouds of heaven.

Monday July 26-2010-21:37 - Durham, NC


Spc Plitt

This is beautiful!! We lost great men on that day and they will always be in my heart.  God Bless America and the Heros that have died to continue the pursuit of Freedom!

Monday July 26-2010-08:44 - Winston Salem North Carolina


Gail Heil  
You are in my prayers to help you and your family find peace within your hearts: Your son has done his journey for our Lord and now is resting waiting for his family when their time comes: Hope you and your family can have some peace of mind

Saturday July 24-2010-12:10 - Deep Run, NC


Thomas Russell

God Bless Monday July 19-2010-11:52 - Wilmington


SSG Dan Morris

WE will miss him as well: He was a great guy and always made me laugh.

Monday July 19-2010-08:47 - Jacksonville, NC

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