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CPT Padgett

Mr and Mrs Wheat, I am very honored to have been Robert's Commander, but feel blessed to have served with him for 20 years: May God bless you and your family. 

Sunday July 18-2010-17:57 - Jacksonville, NC


(No name given)

Your son was a dear friend of a dear friend of ours (Jimbo Miller).   We've heard wonderful things of him and our hearts go out to you: You are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Friday July 9-2010-14:40


G: Paul Kamilos

May God watch over our troops that paid the large price of our freedom.

Monday July 5-2010-13:31 - Enumclaw, WA:


Jon Varvel

God bless Sergeant Robert Bittiker's soul and may He provide comfort to his family left behind.

Saturday July 3-2010-22:41 - Lake Wylie, South Carolina


Cherie Breslin

I am a former member of the United States Air Force and have been a Marine Dependent all my life, I know that the loss of your son has to have been extremely hard for you. I know that my father was in the Gulf War and a bomb almost collapsed him tent.  I never saw combat but your son truly is a hero serving his country. I honor him for that and thank him for his service. You must be proud.  I wish you blessings and peace always. 

Saturday July 3-2010-11:05


Casandra Sandy Sparks Murray

Bless you for the sacrifice you have made.  May your family find peace and comfort.

Friday July 2-2010-13:13 - Ohio


Judy Howard

Just remembering you and your family as the one year anniversary of your beloved son's passing.  Your family is continually in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family.

Friday July 2-2010-10:59 - Wilmington, NC


Sherry Snyder

I can hardly write this through the tears: What an incredible illustration of God's love: I thank your son and your family for your sacrifice and courage to keep us free and safe: I am a very grateful American: "Fear not for faith is hope in things unseen - what we see not He fully sees" Wil Snyder, 1956-2005, dedicated man of God.

Friday July 2-2010-10:24 - Surf City, NC

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