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Nancy Roggenbauer

Mary and Brian - what an extraordinary way of remembering someone so important to you. I hope you find comfort in learning of all of the loving souls who have found Robert's picture and treated it as carefully as you would have.  And also to know that this "project" has touched so many others in a special way.  May God continue to watch over you and your family and grant you many future blessings.

Thursday July 1-2010-18:35 - Liberty, SC


Tammy Dodson Samz

I was Bobby's high school History teacher.  He gave me a Christmas ornament that I have hung each year on my tree. I always have a smile as I picture his youthful face. Since his passing, I hang the ornament still remembering him, but now thanking him for his incredible sacrifice for our country.  He was special then and continues to be special to all who knew him.

Thursday July 1-2010-16:54 - New Bern, NC


Beth Leone Noble

Simply an amazing way to honor your son: Wishing you and your family much peace: Southwest High School '87

Thursday July 1-2010-13:37 - Raleigh, NC


Joan Pawloski

I remember him well, my student at Southwest High School: My dearest thoughts go out to friends and family.

 Thursday July 1-2010-13:19 - Jacksonville, NC


Jillanna Eldridge Strong

What a beautiful way to remember him!! My heart goes out to Bobby's family! I will always remember him smiling and helpful. Your love for him will bring you peace and the pain will ease with the passage of time. Wishing you Love, Peace, and Joy.

Thursday July 1-2010-13:17 - Beaufort NC


Linda Lilly

The way you have chosen to remember your son is awesome. Even though just reading this has made me sad, I know that this memorial somehow helps to cope with your loss.  His picture says everything about what a wonderful person your son was and I hope his memorial continues to travel throughout the USA and the world. God Bless you and your family.

Thursday July 1-2010-12:41 - Spanishburg West Virginia


Elizabeth Jorgenson

God bless you both, I know your boy is with God like all our fallen warriors

Wednesday June 30-2010-10:50 - Pilot Valley, Nevada


Barbara Walters

A very touching and moving experience which I appreciate you allowing me to share

Wednesday June 30-2010-10:07

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