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Barbara and Charlie Wiseman

Tammie, Mary and Brian, Our thoughts today have been with you and your family and know this is anniversary none of us want to remember but it is unavoidable and a part of life. This website is the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time and shows such strength and shows Robert will not be forgotten. 

Tuesday June 29-2010-23:26 - Independence Missouri


John and Susan Goodrich

What a wonderful tribute to your son: We are honored that we have been able to share Robert’s photo in our own travels this year: Through our many conversations with you and Brian, we know he was a very special son.

God bless you all: Tuesday June 29-2010-20:53 - Jacksonville, NC


Greg Jeppson

It has been a tough year for all of these families: I knew one of the other HERO'S that passed on. I thank the people that volunteer to protect us and wish that the families involved here are proud of the work these 4 men did! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Tuesday June 29-2010-20:42 - Jacksonville, NC


Darlene Read

What a touching tribute to your son: Tuesday June 29-2010-19:03 - Wilmington , NC


Darlene Garrick

I knew Robert and his wife Tami.  I think about Robert everyday.  He was a good man.

Tuesday June 29-2010-18:41 - Jacksonville NC


Tonya Schmitt

Mr. and Mrs. Wheat - Your journey and efforts to preserve Robert's memory are nothing short of fantastic! This is truly the most heartfelt display of reflection and remembrance that I have seen a fallen service members' family create. Thank you for sharing his story - as well as your own - with people all over our country. It could not be the great nation it is without people just like Robert.  I am very sorry for your loss, and deeply humbled by your family's sacrifice.

Tonya Tuesday June 29-2010-14:38 - Jacksonville, NC


Roger Gendreau

Well done.

Tuesday June 29-2010-12:59 - Jacksonville,NC


DeeDee Daube

Mary, this is such a wonderful journey. You and Brian are amazing in your strength, and are an inspiration to anyone who has lost a loved one. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Tuesday June 29-2010-08:08 - Jacksonville, NC

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