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Jim Daly

I'm sorry for your family's loss, but want to thank your sons for their service. And thank you for rearing a family that places honor and sacrifice above self.

Monday June 28-2010-21:24


Dawn Borra

This is really wonderful.

Monday June 28-2010-20:48


Trudy Cook

I read your story in the Daily News today: I then came to the website. I have stood here and cried reading all the lovely emails you got from different people around the country.  Its nice to know their is people who truly have a heart and understand somewhat the pain you and your family must being going through. Its such a blessing to have been able to read the emails. Thank you for sharing them. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Bless you.

Monday June 28-2010-18:19 - Swansboro, NC



What an awesome way to honor your loved one. God Bless both of you and his wife and children.

Monday June 28-2010-16:32 - Jacksonville NC


Donna Cornwell

Brian and Mary, Thanks for sharing your son's story: I know at times it must not be easy but hearing all the places your son has "traveled" and how he has touched the lives of so many has to help even if it is a little.  I did not find one of Bob's cards but I wanted to let you know that if I had, where I would have put him.  Last week I went to the San Juan Islands to go whale watching.  As I watched the Orca whales I was reminded of God's awesome power and the beauty of everything He creates.  There was something majestic in the scene. I found peace and security there.  You see, my son is in Afghanistan now and the uncertainty of his safety is a constant thought.  But there watching the whales and seeing God's creation in its playfulness I was given peace, a peace I would have shared with Robert.  I hope someday you too will find a peace.  Thank you for raising a hero and for all the sacrifices you have made being his parents. Robert is a hero and his ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Monday June 28-2010-16:27 - Columbus, Ohio

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