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J. Baker

I just wanted you to know that I picked up Robert's photo from our tourist information kiosk in Nimpo Lake a couple of years ago, left there by Brian coming through from Muncho Lake. This is the first opportunity we have had to take it to the top of 7400ft. Trumpeter Mountain on March 13, 2015. We placed it in the cairn there overlooking a magnificent 360 degree view of the Coast Mountain Range, Rainbow Range, Itcha and Ilgatchuz Ranges, numerous frozen lakes and glaciers and the Chilcotin Plateau.
Rest in Peace, Robert.

Nimpo Lake, British Columbia


Melissa Roe . . .

Honored to help your soldier travel! We found his photo at USS Alabama memorial park in Mobile, AL on our trip home. We have brought him to St. Louis, MO, and I will be taking him to Jefferson Barracks National cemetery here and then to Gatlinburg, TN. Thank you for all you and your family have done! From one soldiers family to another.

DeSoto, MO 63020


Mario Gamez ....

Hi Brian and Mary,

I found your son’s photo at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona on my way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. On my way home I stopped in Atlanta Intl Airport and I left Robert's picture at the USO office with a donation in his name.

My condolence to you and your family and my gratitude for the hero your son is (not was) “IS”.

Thanks to him many Americans can feel some sort of safety and security during or daily lives.

Many blessings

Miami, Florida 33015 USA


Chuck Billings ...

Thank you.

Crawfordsville, IN


Carl Miller ...

Saw this on Facebook and have shared the picture and message.  Thanks for the service to our country.  May you rest in peace, brother.

Yorktown, VA


Elizabeth Eagleson ...

Posted on Facebook from Vincennes indiana 01/20/14 I thank you for the sacrifices you and your son have (made) so me and my daughters can have the opportunity for a good life.

Vincennes, IN


Dorothy Stapleton

My condolences on the loss of your son.  What a beautiful Tribute to your son.  Thank you for sharing your story

with total strangers.  God bless you all.

Independence, MO


Doug Moore:

Brian and Mary

I had not gone to your memorial web site prior to sending to you my email this morning. I am absolutely amazed as to how many great people have taken Robert with on them on their life journey's.

I am so happy to be a part of your extended family.


Jason, Teresa and Ally Theriault:

We came across your son's photo at the General Sherman Tree at Sequoia National Park. We took his photo for a hike to the top of Moro Rock which we think he would have really enjoyed the view.

We are very saddened by your loss and appreciate Robert's service to our Country...his sacrifice will never be forgotten. Our family is honored to have carried his photograph for a few hours.

San Diego, CA


Mark Velasquez:

We found your son's pic on a bridge in Soldotna, AK overlooking a wildlife bird refuge. We were visiting old Air Force buddies from the Vietnam Conflict. Gail and I are from SF, CA we are going to leave the pic at Lands End in SF, it's where the Pacific meets the Bay. It gets a lot of visitors from all over the world. We hope his journey continues.  When we place the pic we will email you a picture of where we placed it

San Francisco, CA


John Hayde:

Robert deserves a patriots tribute.   God bless you


Sharon Emch:

We were blessed to be given your son’s picture at the Miracle League Field in Northwood, Ohio.
What a lovely way for Robert to live on in the hearts and minds of people all over our country.  We thank Robert

for his sacrifice.  God bless you all.




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