Our Patriot’s Journey


From Atlanta to Nashville, back and forth cross country until coming to rest along the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wheat,

I found a picture of your son in Nashville, TN at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It had had a note attached to it, I had thought it was trash and almost threw it away:

    “Whoever finds this,

    Please let these people know, I found their son in Atlanta.  I do not have an email address or computer so can't send it myself.  I say I found him but he may have found me.  I kept him for a while now, I don't know how long but it seems like forever.  Me and my husband and son at the gardens they have in downtown when I found him. It was an abusive relationship for both me and my son. Finding this picture somehow gave me strength to leave for good this time. Maybe it was a coincidence but we were safe and I felt safe with his picture.  So I can't bear to leave it but its time to.  Forgive me for keeping him so long. I'm leaving him in Nashville because that's where we started over.



I myself have had him for a few months, I was planning on leaving the picture in Seattle when I visited there last fall.  I forgot.  Then I was off to Savannah in the Spring so I thought to leave him there. I forgot.  Then to PA last week but again I forgot.  I had the picture with me but I just forgot to place it anywhere.  Driving back to GA from PA, I took a detour in VA to drive down the Skyline Drive, it is a 105 mile scenic roadway through what I believe is a national park but it may be a state park.  Skyline Drive becomes the Blue Ridge Parkway if you continue south, that is at least a bit better known.

Towards the middle of the drive there is a large meadow that opens up and is just beautiful.  I felt that this was a perfect place to depart with your son.  I found a statue that was erected to memorialize the men who built the roadway and set the picture in the statues bundle he held in his hand.

I have attached 3 images.  One is an image of the view of the meadow, it does not encompass all of the meadow but shows the best part.  The other two are essentially the same image of the statue with your sons picture, but I edited on to show exactly where the image is so you can find it with ease.

Thank you,

Rockmart, GA

Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN

Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville, TN


Meadow along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Statue commemorating boys who built the  Blue Ridge Parkway

Click to see Robert’s photo tucked into the “jacket” fold on the statue.


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